Hydraulic and Automation Repair
Examination of lifting appliances;
Anchor winch/rudder/hatch cover /hyd. oil pump/motor/control valve block / cylinder maintenance;
Engine and alternator maintenance;
Spare parts supply.
Hydraulic and Automation Repair

Our company has one team of automation and pneumatic control service engineers with rich practical experience and professional knowledge, providing shipyard and shipowner with a package of services such as maintenance, installation and commissioning of automation in various professional fields.

Automation services:

Gauge calibration, portable gas detector calibration, automation system troubleshooting and debugging (including engine room alarm system, broadcasting system, steering gear system, signal lamp control system, main engine remote control system, security system, etc.), 15PPM probe calibration, elevator annual inspection,main switch calibration, electric transformation of the ballast water system (including main switchboards, AMS, GPS, ballast pump running signal access, remote control valve modification).Main engine remote control routine maintenance and repair (good at brand MANB & W, Sulzer, etc.). All kinds of pneumatic control valve such as temperature control valve, ballast water system valve repair. Boiler automatic water supply system, watertight door, accumulator and water pump maintenance.